Five Alts Production Shows “Guts” on Shared Storage Install

Five Alts Production Shows “Guts” on Shared Storage Install

Location: Orlando, FL
Industry: Television Production
Working Environment: Final Cut, Apple ProRes422HQ HD

A full-service production company, Five Alts Production handled post-production work on Nickelodeon’s extreme sports competition show, “My Family’s Got GUTS!”


Find an affordable and stable solution that would allow five workstations to simultaneously access the same HD-resolution media in order to meet tight-deadline delivery.


Running on an Apple Mac Pro, Small Tree’s GraniteSTOR shared storage solution and unique OS X networking capabilities provided Five Alts Productions with a robust system that could meet all of their technical needs at a fraction of the cost. GraniteSTOR, which also features Small Tree’s PEG4, a 4-port Ethernet card with the Edge-corE ES4524D, a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch certified to work with Small Tree’s technology, enabled the use of Apple iMac computers and Apple Mac Book Pros to cut HD material without any additional hardware – another cost-cutting measure attributable to the Small Tree install.


Small Tree is the Mac Networking Expert specializing in affordable Ethernet-based networking and shared storage products for the Media and Entertainment industry. Consisting of networking developers who have extensive experience in high performance computing, Small Tree’s team knows how to achieve the demanding application requirements of Mac customers.

Respected throughout the creative industry, Small Tree’s customers include many of the industry’s leading facilities, as well as a growing number of smaller production houses who require greater throughput while paying close attention to their bottom line. Additionally, a number of the industry’s giants, including Apple and Intel, often look to Small Tree to support their existing technology.