Audio Workflows

Audio Engineering Workflow Solutions

Audio recording and playback is becoming an essential piece of modern entertainment technologies. Almost every style of advertising and interactive media contains an audible component, and often it can make or break the entire project. The daunting process of managing recorded media and layering together a soundscape is tasked to the best audio engineers and post producers.

Whether your team is producing, collaborating, engineering, mixing, or mastering, your job is dependent on an optimal data structure and an easy to use interface for communication with your files. Regardless of your workstation, be it in the field, recording for a motion picture, or polishing the final versions of records in acoustically treated spaces, Small Tree has developed a workflow solution for any audio application.


High Fidelity Standard

Audio works are constantly changing, from how we listen to music to the way it is treated in movies. All things audio have grown in fidelity and definition, bit depth and headroom are slowly making digital recordings indistinguishable from reality. Small Tree prides itself on storing the highest fidelity audio transfer flawlessly and guaranties a true lossless sound experience. Sort and manage all of FLAC, ALAC, AIF, and WAV easily across multiple audio workstations and operating platforms.

There are hundreds of audio tools on the market that can be added to influence your productions. From high performance digital audio workstations to the countless virtual tools and plugins, from mobile applications to field recorders, the ZenSTOR is essential for the management of digital data. Running a small studio with a few sound libraries or a series of workstations reliant on network libraries, Small Tree has a solution for you.

Audio Application Support

Small Tree supports all the primary audio file types as well as all the industry standard tools. ZenSTOR supports Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Apple Logic as well as audio library plugins such as Kontakt and Recycle. Using Small Tree shared storage, saving multiple folder locations in DAW will allow for quicker navigation and accessibility to all your sound resources.

Work with the latest Small Tree solution to ease the transfer and management of audio data, internally and externally your own suite. High fidelity is a guarantee with the optimized hardware, software and networking components in the ZenSTOR


High Performance Shared Storage & Networking Solutions

Increase your productivity and maximize your post-production editing time with powerful, high performance shared storage and networking solutions for your editing team. Designed for collaborative editing teams, Small Tree products combine the highest possible performance, ease of use, and reliability, backed by our industry-leading technical support.