Rendered Media and SFX

Forms of rendered media have slowly been seeping into our everyday lives. From advertising for simple everyday products, to the high density 3D modeled, textured, and animated uses in modern green screen blockbusters, special effects, and are commonplace. Rendering is available to the public through the accessibility of new technologies, in ways that has never been seen before, putting rendered technologies in the hands of up and coming designers.

Because of these powerful tool sets and their increasing performance requirements, designers are treating storage as RAM or processors essentially in their pipelines. From recalling data frame by frame of video game animations, Small Tree has designed the premier pipeline for data call back and stream processing. Sustaining a demanding workflow is a requirement for professional creative designers from architectural imaging to completely computer generated content.


Animation Workflow

Far we have traveled from the early days of hand-drawn animation and candlelit key frames studios connecting the dots of storyboards. Digital technologies have transformed everything we touch, including the paper we draw on. From digital animated cartoons to 3D blockbusters movies, the entire world has been impacted by animated media. Animated films have transformed the daily family media intake, captured the hearts and dazzled the imagination of millions

Anatomical and Medical Integration

Medicine is a world of split second decisions, there is a reliability that can literally mean life and death for a patient. From recalling the medical history or displaying a high density anatomical representation for a patient, we are truly living in a science fiction future. With rapid access to new and additional medical information millions of lives have been extending or improved.

Storing something as important as surgical image data, with real definition of information from an operation, or something as heartwarming as rendering an ultrasound video for relatives across the globe. The ZenSTOR is the perfect solution for all your medical and anatomical needs, designed to be reliable where ever you need it, exactly when you need it.


Motion Graphics

Every time someone sees computer generated scene with water, fire, lights or any 3D graphics, there is a frame by frame sequence of this footage, often millions of frames in length. From the flames smoke in a firefighter blockbuster to the science fiction planets unseen by any of our science or our wildest imaginations.

Particle systems are found in every application from mobile to mainstream, and to store these HD graphics a designer needs to look no further than Small Tree’s shared storage solutions.

Architectural and Engineering

Looking at the world we have built in the last fifty years, we stand in awe of all that we have created. From the highways and roads we travel everyday, to the skyscrapers that reach to the clouds, we need to appreciate where we have come as engineers.

Architectural media is driven by a reliable workflow for engineers and draftsmen to connect and coordinate the foundation of our expansive growth. Engineering technologies are powering everything from 3D printing to global satellite navigation and at the core of these technologies is reliance on a powerful storage platform. The ZenSTOR is the premier platform for all your architectural and industrial needs for engineer and multiuser connectivity.

Game Development

Creating an unknown reality is no small task. Taking a vision, creating a story and a character sketch and transforming it into an interactive universe is an every day operation for thousands of creative engineers globally, and it is a billion dollar industry. Ranging anywhere from small pixelated platforms to immersive multi-galaxy adventures, game design has developed into an interactive paradise and a passionate form of expression to millions.

Storing every single byte of data in a handmade world is something you should trust to the experts of networking growth and expansive storage technologies. At Small Tree we will grow with your ideas, your team, and your game.

High Performance Shared Storage & Networking Solutions

Increase your productivity and maximize your post-production editing time with powerful, high performance shared storage and networking solutions for your editing team. Designed for collaborative editing teams, Small Tree products combine the highest possible performance, ease of use, and reliability, backed by our industry-leading technical support.