Game Development

Game Design Workflow Solutions

Today’s generation of rendered graphics and video games have brought forth interactive stories and visual narratives to a level of unbelievable realism. Whether it be high definition frames of CGI film editing or the pixelated fantasies we hold in our hands, a new world of generated reality is unfolding before our eyes. From digital narrative to anatomy, generated visuals have impacted our world and are challenging the creativity of interactive designers. Collaborate in new and exciting ways with Small Tree as you create the virtual realms we explore with our minds on screens of all sizes.


Tools for Sequential Rendering

The basis for the majority of the footage we see in films and games is reliant on the process of sequential rendering. Storing a frame by frame callback of any length of film can be hundreds to millions of frames, and for a successful sequence, every frame needs to be recorded perfectly in data recreation and fidelity. Powerful storage solutions are vital for a successful render, and waiting on hardware to load or buffer can break on animation.

TitaniumZ delivers the highest stream rates and data availability, providing vital integration for real time callback and manipulation control. Recalling the information between frames to make the split second discussions of rendering is crucial to a successful project. Manage your project sourcing before your render to prevent delays and promote a responsive team and product. Small Tree has designed an integral interface to interact with your created media seamlessly working for you, and have created the perfect combination of simplicity performance and affordability.

Digital Collaboration

Projects of large caliber and scope require the eyes and hands of many talented artists, to guarantee a quality product in the projected time. Rendering can take an enormous strain on the time of a project and can make the moments in between tasks even that much more important. Use the ZenSTOR to boost your teams’ productivity and remove the hassle of file management. Make sure everyone can access the same data when you need it, keeping your project on time and under budget.

When working with teams of designers, it important to have accessibility to all the project resources when you need them. With near non-existent latency and perfect recall fidelity, your assets are ready when you need them. With project files rapidly available to multiple workstations you lessen precious wait time promoting greater project creativity.


High Performance Shared Storage & Networking Solutions

Increase your productivity and maximize your post-production editing time with powerful, high performance shared storage and networking solutions for your editing team. Designed for collaborative editing teams, Small Tree products combine the highest possible performance, ease of use, and reliability, backed by our industry-leading technical support.