House of Worship

Digital Worship Workflow Solutions

Digital Worship is increasingly becoming the medium of choice to get the good news message out to the both the congregation as well as for out reach ministries. Living rooms are becoming a place of worship for those who lack the time or ability to attend the fellowship in person. Using modern technologies, followers everywhere are able to experience and take in the worship or sermon. There is the ever increasing functions associated with informing the members in a timely manner of announcements, educational materials and planned activities that are being made available in a digital format to be more timely in keeping everyone informed. The ZenSTOR shared storage is able to handle small on location reports to extended sermons video and audio demands in a cost effective manner.


Outreach Connectivity

Managing media for live worship events can be a difficult task. Everything from praise music to fellowship announcements must be taken into account and prepped for media display.

Small Tree can be your connection solution for the media editors team to make sure that everything is properly setup and ready before the time of worship. Using the latest in Ethernet networking technology connect your entire parish for ease of use.

Interactive Worship Tools

Storing and managing the various large size files for supporting an audio or video recording can seem daunting, but Small Tree is here to assist. With interactive organization tools and high-end interface technologies. Use Small Tree shared storage products to expand your fellowship and create a robust management system so that your parish can focus on worship, rather than IT management.

The last thing you need to be worrying about is making a technology decision right before you have an important live worship ceremony to shoot and capture. Eliminate technical concerns and deliver your information when and where you need it with ease. Let Small Tree solutions allow you to focus on the message not what the messenger needs to do to spread the word.


High Performance Shared Storage & Networking Solutions

Increase your productivity and maximize your post-production editing time with powerful, high performance shared storage and networking solutions for your editing team. Designed for collaborative editing teams, Small Tree products combine the highest possible performance, ease of use, and reliability, backed by our industry-leading technical support.