Media Broadcasting Industry

The way that we are using modern technologies to explore and deliver informational are expanding every form of our communication. We are expanding the ways we connect and communicate with one another, developing deep interpersonal relationships with one another and the technology. Whether you are delivering a video blog, podcast, radio or television programming, broadcasting is shaping the landscape of our informational entertainment.

Creating any engaging form of media will require a format and organizational system to control and manage that content. Increasing video resolutions and audio fidelities require stable high performance storage solutions. Small Tree has spent years developing and designing the perfect solution for your broadcasting needs; Regain control of your medium and take charge of your data with ZenSTOR.


Television and Radio

Consumers of our modern entertainment are blind to the intense time and processes that goes into creation of the digital narrative. Television and Radio have been delivering life changing content to our homes and computers initially over the air and now via wired distribution for generations. Technological improvements have not only improved the capabilities and imaginative reach of created product, but also the availability and interactivity for consumers who view and participate in the process.

Storage requirements for video and audio files are growing due to increasing resolution and dynamics formats, and Small Tree has designed a dynamic workflow solution for that can support that demand. As television streams reach into the 2K-4K range, consumer appetites for higher resolution and greater realism are pushing the limits of technology. The ZenSTOR is there to support the creative range of those limits, by creating an intuitive technological backbone for your information data.

Internet Technologies

The Internet has brought forth a series of new and improving technologies impacting how we interact with our modern media. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and digital television services like Sling and Crackle, the demand for digital media has created a need for larger and more powerful storage solutions. Video streaming capabilities are slowly raising to the 4K standard as audio streaming services challenge the 198kbps average. ZenSTOR has been created to store all of these new creative sources for your interaction, whenever you need it.


High Performance Shared Storage & Networking Solutions

Increase your productivity and maximize your post-production editing time with powerful, high performance shared storage and networking solutions for your editing team. Designed for collaborative editing teams, Small Tree products combine the highest possible performance, ease of use, and reliability, backed by our industry-leading technical support.