Keeping School Community Informed

Keeping School Community Informed

Location: Denver, CO
Industry: Cable TV, social media and web streaming
Working Environment: 8 HD suites running Adobe and Final Cut applications

DPStv, a cable TV, social media and web streaming channel, is responsible for delivering critical school community news to Denver Public Schools families.


Gone are the days when a monthly newsletter from public school districts was sufficient content on school activities for parents and local residents. Today’s 24-7 news cycle has spread to local schools. As a result, schools are forced to develop and deliver rich content more frequently, which has required the introduction at schools of robust, but cost-efficient technology to help meet the increased demand.


With the installation of a 24TB ST-RAID II Ethernet-based shared storage system from Small Tree, DPStv’s post-production team has immediate and simultaneous access to HD media. DPStv now can create news, event and promotional content quickly in an effort to keep the entire DPS community informed. The first Ethernet-based shared system to support 6Gb SAS/SATA protocol end-to-end, ST-RAID II is rock-solid hardware whose one cable connectivity and simple setup means access to creative assets from any room on the floor. Additionally, the system’s stability and scalability for online media allow for future growth.

Maximizing Workflow

Small Tree is the Mac Networking Expert specializing in affordable Ethernet-based networking and shared storage products for the Media and Entertainment industry. Consisting of networking developers who have extensive experience in high performance computing, Small Tree’s team knows how to achieve the demanding application requirements of Mac customers.

Respected throughout the creative industry, Small Tree’s customers include many of the industry’s leading facilities, as well as a growing number of smaller production houses who require greater throughput while paying close attention to their bottom line. Additionally, a number of the industry’s giants, including Apple and Intel, often look to Small Tree to support their existing technology.