National CineMedia Benefits from Shared Storage Technology

National CineMedia Benefits from Shared Storage Technology

Location: Centennial, CO
Industry: Production and post-production
Working Environment: Final Cut

As a leading resource for cinema advertising and in-theatre events, National CineMedia (NCM) is responsible for keeping early arrivals to movie theaters entertained before the main feature begins. 


Utilizing its proprietary system of digital and satellite technology, NCM was faced with trying to figure out how to improve workflow and project management without spending a blockbuster-type price on replacement technology when Apple pulled the plug on its Xserve RAID.


In a world where creative professionals depend on high-speed technology to save the day, Small Tree and its GraniteSTOR ST-RAID shared storage solution was the star of the show. Installing ST-RAID, an Ethernet-based shared storage system offering real-time editing capabilities and optimal cost-efficiency, provided NCM’s 10 Final Cut workstations a scalable and flexible solution capable of handling the team’s large data workflow. Easy to install and operate, ST-RAID received rave reviews from the toughest of critics at NCM.


Small Tree is the Mac Networking Expert specializing in affordable Ethernet-based networking and shared storage products for the Media and Entertainment industry. Consisting of networking developers who have extensive experience in high performance computing, Small Tree’s team knows how to achieve the demanding application requirements of Mac customers.

Respected throughout the creative industry, Small Tree’s customers include many of the industry’s leading facilities, as well as a growing number of smaller production houses who require greater throughput while paying close attention to their bottom line. Additionally, a number of the industry’s giants, including Apple and Intel, often look to Small Tree to support their existing technology.