Small Tree’s Shared Storage & OS X Networking Expertise

Small Tree’s Shared Storage & OS X Networking Expertise

Location: Franklin, TN
Industry: Production and post-production
Working Environment: Final Cut

A small production and post-production company, Tier 1 Media handles a number of popular competitive shooting sports programs on the Outdoor Channel, including “Shooting USA” and “Impossible Shots.”   


Featuring three newly renovated Final Cut editing suites, Tier 1 Media was still using a separate RAID in each suite. If an editor wanted to work on an existing project in a different room, they would have to recapture the footage on the system they were currently working on. With the facility’s shift from SD to HD, this inefficiency became a much larger issue. Additionally, working under a pretty tight operating budget, Tier 1 Media couldn’t justify sinking its entire budget into buying a storage solution.


To achieve substantial improvement in its productivity by streamlining its workflow, Tier 1 Media installed Small Tree’s GraniteSTOR shared storage technology with its unique OS X networking capabilities supporting multiple Ethernet ports, tightly integrated with Apple’s built in file sharing system. The GraniteSTOR solution incorporates Small Tree’s PEG6, a 6-port Ethernet card with the Edge-corE ES4524D, a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch certified to work with Small Tree’s technology. Today, all of the footage Tier 1 Media’s editing team needs is located on the shared storage network and editing each show takes hours less. As an added bonus, Small Tree’s solution was not only able to meet their productivity needs, but it was also exceptionally affordable.


Small Tree is the Mac Networking Expert specializing in affordable Ethernet-based networking and shared storage products for the Media and Entertainment industry. Consisting of networking developers who have extensive experience in high performance computing, Small Tree’s team knows how to achieve the demanding application requirements of Mac customers.

Respected throughout the creative industry, Small Tree’s customers include many of the industry’s leading facilities, as well as a growing number of smaller production houses who require greater throughput while paying close attention to their bottom line. Additionally, a number of the industry’s giants, including Apple and Intel, often look to Small Tree to support their existing technology.