Adobe Premiere re-conforms and recreates peak files for projects every time project opens or hide/show application

If you see this problem occurring, check that all systems are time synched with each other (IE NTP is enabled in the Time and Date preference panel). If you do not have internet access on the systems, make sure all the systems are at least locked to the server time. See below how to enable NTP client code on Titanium Server.The cause of this problem is that Adobe is creating new files on the server. If the server has a time that is "in the future" (relative to your client) Adobe Premiere will see these future files and decide that the project is out of date. Then it will want to rebuild all the files. When using any application (including Final Cut, Adobe Premiere or Avid across a NAS or SAN) it is imperative that all of the machines agree on the time and date so the applications can tell when a project is up to date and when it needs to be updated.

The issue above will also occur with other applications in a network based client-server environment.

On the Titanium, one can setup NTP so that it can synchronize it's clock the same way and same NTP server as the Mac clients do.

Walkthrough Steps

  • Login to the Titanium GUI.
  • Ensure that the Titanium has a Network Interface defined on your local network, intranet, such that you statically define or use DHCP to obtain an IP address.
  • Define a default router and DNS server using the
  • SETUP → network → interfaces
  • GUI area. If you need to add a default router, make sure you apply the IP address of the router to the appropriate network interface.
  • Go to: HARDWARE → setup
  • Find the "Current server time" area and set/click on "Use ntp", then define the NTP server, i.e., as an example and "apply".
  • If you have the network IP address, default route and DNS setup properly, it will come back with the correct Date/Time. If not, you will need to revisit your network settings to correct.

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