How to set the MTU on Mac OS Link Aggregation bond and optimal MTU value for Mac OS.

The optimal MTU setting for for Small Tree Gigabit cards is 9000 bytes. This ensures best performance, lowest cpu usage and works best for "flow control".

In OS X you can use the Network Preferences panel (GUI) to set the MTU but you set it just for the bond and NOT for each interface which is part of the bond. Mac OS will change the MTU for each interface which is part of the bond for you.

Useful Commands:

Create a new bond and give it the user defined name. Add the specified devices, if any, to the bond
Usage: networksetup -createBond <...>
Delete the bond with the specified device-name.
Usage: networksetup -deleteBond
Add the specified device to the specified bond.
Usage: networksetup -addDeviceToBond
Remove the specified device from the specified bond
Usage: networksetup -removeDeviceFromBond
List all of the bonds.
Usage: networksetup -listBonds
Display the status of the specified bond.
Usage: networksetup -showBondStatus

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