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Protect Your Data with ZenSTOR Storage Systems

Protect your Data by always using a (Backup System Target - 2nd Chassis) to prevent Ransomware events or failing drives to damage your ZenSTOR Storage Pools.

In today's digital age, safeguarding your critical data is more important than ever. Don't fall for common storage misconceptions. RAID is not a backup solution, and data loss can happen to anyone.

ZenSTOR Backup
  • Flexible Configurations: Choose from transportable servers equipped with 4x to 8x 18TB, 22TB 24TB SAS drives, and NVMe (flash drives )
  • Enable Snapshot Duplication: For the first level of data redundancy, ensure your information is always protected. Available on all platforms offered by Small Tree
    **Requires 2nd backup dedicated server for snapshots.
  • SYMPL-Cloud Integration: Extend your data protection with our subscription-based offsite backup service.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our expert team is here to help you configure and manage your storage system for maximum security.
Don't risk your valuable data—trust ZenSTOR for reliable, comprehensive protection. Call us today for more details.
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Announcing Our Cloud Enablement Platform

Introducing our Cloud enablement platform, designed to provide on-premise nearline storage alongside our subscription service for essential Cloud functions like Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) with replicated data.
ZenSTOR Backup
  • Portable Storage Solutions: We offer a portable storage platform that can be shipped back to our secure data facility.
  • SYMPL Cloud Storage: Create a third tier of data protection with our SYMPL Cloud storage, ensuring your data is always safeguarded.
Elevate your data protection strategy with our comprehensive Cloud enablement platform. Contact us today to learn more.
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Small Tree is proud to introduce:

ZenOS-LX v3 Linux NAS

Our 2nd and 3rd Generation Scale-Out Platform expands massively to 100s of data shelves, supporting several PB of Storage. Available in Performance or Nearline models with configurations from 24x drive bay to 60 drive bay systems. A Docker Environment can be enabled as well as many new container features.
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Small Tree Storage

The ZenSTOR family allows your company the freedom to edit data-intense audio and video programs directly from the server; no copying, no transferring, no downtime. By utilizing speeds in excess of 600MB/s you and your team can edit projects seamlessly, saving time and money.
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Small Tree Services available

Explore our on demand services and feel free to enquire about any additional shared storage services that you are exploring.

Hybrid Cloud Services and Restoration

Having your data available in the field, and having managed data available on or off-site is the primary goal of a hybrid cloud.
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Performance Tuning

We specialize in hardware and firmware performance tuning, delivering your engineers and creatives the best tools, precisely when they need them.
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API Programming Services

with our API services, we will break apart the interface of the programs that you wish to connect and make a custom specified connection for your exact workflow.
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Data Backup and Restoration

Restoring lost data is an incredibly delicate process. From determining the initial cause of the data loss to the repair or recovery, takes many steps, and is a highly detailed process.
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De-duplication Customization

Whenever a large backup is performed there are often tens to hundreds of files that have been previously backed up, are copied over to a system for a second (or third, and so on) time.
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Looking for a Specific Solution?

Get in touch with Small Tree Communications.

Our talented team of storage engineers will work with you and your needs to develop a customized shared storage solutions. No matter the size of your team or data requirements, we will develop a solution for you.
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ZenSTOR-p (portable)

Get ready to take your shared storage on the go. Our ZenSTOR-p expands to 8x 12TB drives and is the perfect mobile workstation for interfacing with multiple people. regardless of your location, you can start storing on the fly today.
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ZenOS-ST v6 Shared Storage UI

ZenOS Screenshot
Introducing ZenOS-ST v6, Small Tree's latest edition of their NAS software. Packed full with 100s of updated software improvements, and several new protocol features to Enhance System Performance.
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Small Tree Success Stories

  • Apple
  • Avid Media
  • US Army
  • Disney
  • Cisco
  • Sony Entertainment
  • Turner Studio

Above are some of the amazing Clients that Small tree has worked with. Connect with us to learn more about supercharging your workflow.