Discrepancies in Disk Space on your TitaniumZ

Discrepancies in Disk Space on Titanium ZIf you see file system size discrepancies from what Mac OS Finder shows verses what you think you should have, click below for a document explaining this. Download Discrepancies in Disk Space on your TitaniumZ.Have Questions on Support?Search our Knowledge Base by clicking the link below.SearchSubmitClearSearch Knowledge BaseLeave us Feedback!Are you looking for continued …

Neighbor and Knock, Inc.

NEIGHBOR had invested heavily in topped out workstations loaded with memory and powerful graphics cards. “We knew we didn’t want our storage server to be the weak link in the pipeline. We would be conforming edits in FCP and Premiere.

Keeping School Community Informed

Gone are the days when a monthly newsletter from public school districts was sufficient content on school activities for parents and local residents. Today’s 24-7 news cycle has spread to local schools.

Shared Storage a Slam Dunk for Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TV

Shared Storage a Slam Dunk for Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TVLocation: Salt Lake City, UT Industry: TV post-production and live event productionWorking Environment: 16 workstations running various applications including Final Cu Pro. The post-production team for the Utah Jazz and KJZZ-TV is responsible for bringing the excitement of professional basketball to fans u2013 at the arena and on TV. ChallengeNBA fans …

S3 Object Storage

S3 Object Storage – Block, File, ObjectObject ≥ File ≥ Block = Oversimplified comparison of data storage typesReading the above equation one might get the wrong impression that file storage methods are superior to block and object storage methods are superior to file. That’s not the impression that we would like to project. All three methods are still useful today …