World Password Day 2018

Celebrate Security with Password Day 2018


Secure passwords

Passwords are becoming more increasingly important every day. As computer and software users, we are constantly putting ourselves at risk overtime we log online, and it is important to remember that your password is often the only thing coming between your data, and malicious users. Last Pass, By LogMeIn has created an in depth Psychological Survey of passwords and have come up with some interesting results. Here are some of the statistics that they presented with their research:

  • 59% mostly or always use the same password
  • 53% have not changed passwords in the last year
  • 64% want to easily remember their passwords
Statistics Courtesy of LastPass, by LogMeIn.
At the consumer level, it’s much easier to use the same, simple passwords across all platforms, despite a number of cyber threats. But, that is exactly what digital criminals are looking for. Be sure to celebrate World Password Day, and reset your passwords to keep yourself safe online.